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Increasing OrganizationAL Capacity and Social capital through Collective Impact

We work with nonprofits, foundations,  donors, and socially focused for-profits to provide strategy, capacity, and evaluation consulting in order to meet their priorities and goals while increasing their social impact and define their legacy.


Your Partner in Purposeful Philanthropy

Unveiling Your Theory of Change

Every foundation has a unique theory of change – a roadmap that outlines how your philanthropic efforts will lead to the desired outcomes. At Civic Capital Consulting, we help you articulate your theory of change by delving into the heart of your mission, vision, and values. We guide you through a process of identifying the specific social problems you aim to address and the strategies you'll employ to create lasting change.

Aligning Priorities with Community Needs

Effective philanthropy is not about imposing your agenda; it's about understanding and responding to the needs of the communities you serve. We work with you to establish a deep understanding of the communities you impact, identifying their most pressing challenges and aspirations. By aligning your priorities with community needs, you ensure your philanthropy is relevant, responsive, and truly impactful.

Purposeful Philanthropy: Making Every Dollar Count

Philanthropy is not just about giving money; it's about giving with purpose. We help you evaluate your philanthropic strategies to ensure they are aligned with your theory of change and community needs. By analyzing your grantmaking processes, impact metrics, and organizational structure, we identify areas for improvement and help you develop a more effective and impactful philanthropic approach.

Empowering NextGen Leaders

The future of philanthropy lies in the hands of the next generation of leaders. We recognize the importance of nurturing and empowering these individuals to carry the torch of impactful giving. We'll help you engage the next generation of your family in your philanthropic endeavors, fostering a shared sense of purpose and ensuring your legacy continues to make a difference for years to come. Through tailored family philanthropy workshops and mentorship programs, we'll empower your family to carry your philanthropic torch into the future.

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