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What is a Philanthropic Brokerage?

What is a Philanthropic Brokerage?

Well what is Philanthropy? When many people think of the word Philanthropy, they think Foundations and Corporate Giving. We recently had a conversation where we were told, “Philanthropic brokerage, yea Foundations are okay, but the real power is in the people, in individual donor.” Where this statement fell short was in the idea Philanthropic or Philanthropy means Foundations and Corporate Giving and excludes individuals.

As defined, Philanthropy as a noun, means the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the donation of money to good causes.”

As an adjective, it is an org or person that has that desire, and that is where we come in.

As a Philanthropic brokerage, we work to broker, establish and connect people and orgs who have a desire to promote the welfare of others, collectively stand to change the status quo and make a sustainable impact.

It is not about being a voice or convener, but an entity that not only helps our client’s meet this stated mission, but one that helps them see the bigger picture and meet their mission holistically. We recently worked with a client whose strategic plan had a vision about community, but all their goals were to execute events that were to increase awareness about their org and raise money. None of the outcomes stated for these programs and events were for the benefit, want, or positive welfare of the community that their mission and vision were formed to serve. Now, having brought the community to the table, their stakeholders and partners, they were able to really form a plan and outcomes that not only met their bottom-line goal, but was what their stakeholders wanted and needed.

So, while Foundations and Corporations are a big sector in terms of Philanthropic giving, that desire can come from anyone, anywhere – and in many forms. We work to make sure that all entities who have a stake, are heard and able to give their time, talent and desire to help our clients and the communities that they serve make the change they want and need.


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